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Aloha Richway Distributors,

We would like to make this announcement to assure Richway distributors that the company is not allowing the advertisements of Richway products on any Internet Commerce Sites, such as Amazon eBay, etc. and that the company itself is not advertising its products on these sites.

We have been in contact with Amazon and eBay in regards to the removal of the existing and future advertisements on these sites.  We have been told that they are currently investigating these cases. We are also doing our own investigations as well.

Any products purchased from Amazon, eBay, or any other e-Commerce sites, do not come with a RI (Richway Invoice) Number. This RI Number guarantees:

·         Limited lifetime warranty

·         Lifetime trade-in option

·         Business opportunity

These benefits are only available when purchasing through an authorized Richway distributor. Purchases from e-Commerce sites will not be honored under the limited lifetime warranty nor will they receive the option of participating in the lifetime trade-in that Richway offers. These buyers will also not be eligible for distributorship if they decide to pursue the business, since their purchase will not be in the system. They may still sign up as a new distributor but their purchase from the e-Commerce site will not be counted toward their personal purchase volume. Without the RI Number, issued by Richway, customers purchasing products through these e-Commerce sites come with no guarantees of warranty coverage or repair.

When a customer purchases from an e-Commerce site, they are only receiving the product. Sellers on e-Commerce sites may not provide a phone number, physical address or email address when asked for assistance. These sellers also change their store names frequently, making it difficult to contact them.

When a customer purchases through a reputable Richway distributor, they will be receiving not only the product, but will also be supported with the best customer service based on the distributor’s product knowledge and experience, opening up the opportunity to form new and lasting relationships. Purchasing through a Richway distributor will guarantee a limited lifetime warranty, lifetime trade-in option, and business option, available only to Richway customers.

Your cooperation in complying with Richway's Policies & Procedures is greatly appreciated.

Please be patient with us as we are working to remove these distributors who are not in compliance.


Richway International, Inc.

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Starting from 2012, Richway International has flourished from the development of high quality and credibility in our products. We are always striving for better ways to improve our products and system, to benefit our customers and distributors.

Within the past year, we have been receiving many complaints that distributors have been advertising on Internet Sales Commerce sites, in which product/shipping discounts have been offered, leading to the loss of sales for many distributors. These types of unethical business practices are unfair to your fellow distributors. It is considered as stealing customers from the other distributors.

Effective March 15, 2013, all distributors must not advertise on any On-line Internet Sales Commerce sites, such as, but not limited to Amazon, eBay, Craig’s List, iOffer, Webidz, eBid, BlueJay, eCrater, Online Auction, CQOut, etc. Special offers, discounts, calls for specials, free shipping and similar statements are not allowed on websites, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or any other types of media.

If Richway Distributors do not comply with new regulations, Richway will issue a warning notice to protect other distributors. After receipt of the warning notice, if these advertisements have not been removed within 5 days, we are afraid that the result will be termination of distributorship.

This new regulation will create fair opportunities for success of all Richway Distributors. We appreciate your compliance in assisting us to create a better business for all to prosper.

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