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Carrie Luke

 Carrie’s brand new 2007 Jeep Patriot, compliments of RichWay’s Car Allowance Program

"We love your products, your company and the Kim’s.  It’s very easy to work hard when you enjoy what you do, the people you do it with and the people you meet because of the product you are working with!:)  It comes full circle!  I have people all over the country that I work with and mentor.  Some of them are very special people and dear to my heart.  I would have never met them if it had not been for the BioMat and RichWay International.

Because of RichWay, I am able to afford staying in the house I love after my divorce.  I was able to buy a new car through your Car Incentive Program, I am able to work from home and “hang out” with my animals and daughter, whom are dear to my heart.  I can work in the yard and by night conduct business because of the 6 hour time difference from Florida and Hawaii.

I travel all over the country doing professional events selling the BioMat, meeting amazing new people every month! I now am mentoring people overseas! SO if I didn’t say it before…Thank You for being such an ethical company with the highest integrity and fantastic products with an absolutely amazing and generous commission structure!"

Carrie Luke, Managing Director, RichWay International
Alachua, Florida

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